Saturday, 13 June 2015

Telling the world to **** OFF can get you a job after all!

We are always being told how "things you put online can put you at risk, ruin your chance of a job, and could get blown out of context". Apparently that was not the case for a young lady in the Midlands today who posted the following rather explicit status on Facebook:

The post was liked by a mere 70+ Facebook friends, however it was also picked up by the Manager of a local branch of estate agents who then asked the young lady if she would consider office work!
After a long telephone call, the Manager declared that he would very much like the young lady to come in for a trial on Monday and if she worked out could start full time from Thursday next week.
An unusual, yet admirable move by the Manager who apparently seemed to 'connect' with the status in some way. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Your child's security

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Evolution and change

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estate car essentials

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Bug with #Audioboom

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Making use of Tech

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Fifty Shades of Grey

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The value of Time

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loosing my mind

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Aspiration, Preparation and Success.

I have always wondered if succesful people have a 'thing' that others do not, maybe they are born with this 'thing' and its in their blood?
I kept this belief for many years, it almost became a self fulfilling prophecy in that I never really found my 'thing' (excuse the pun!)

However, since the birth of my Son (2004), my Wife and I have dedicated our time and resources to raising him and giving him the chance to access every opportunity available to him. This was never about money, on the contrary, we never had any! It was more about giving him something much more precious: TIME.
Time is the most precious thing you can give to your child or children, neither money or possessions can ever come close to this resource. Children need your time, it is an essential ingredient for a well rounded child. So what exactly do I mean by time?

  • Reading

The practice of reading to your child every evening, regardless of how you are feeling is more important than you would think. For your child, this is essential quality time with you. This is the moment when your child will learn so much without even knowing they are being taught. There senses come alive within the story that is emulating from your mouth, they become a 'motivated learner' without even realising what that means. These are the moments you (as a parent) need to grab hold of and milk for everything they are worth! 

  • Mathematics

Now do not panic! 
I am not a mathematician, but my 10 year old Son is. How?
From an early age my Mum used to spend time with my Son counting pennies from a savings jar. Most days we would visit her as my Father had recently passed away and it was great company for her as well as some beautiful engagement for my Son. The pennies soon became pounds and the pounds soon turned into a passion for counting, which created a mathematicians brain! 

  • Homework Books

You know the ones, they often have a picture of Carol Vorderman on the front!
We spent an hour every day or night going through these books making it fun and keeping a score for him to aim for. It was FUN not tedious, laugh, joke and smile. Keep it interesting and fun and your child will absorb it like a sponge to water!

  • Attachments

Your child is just that - a child! Be age appropriate with your language and your play and remember that this is your child, not your possession! You are a caretaker for their future life. Guide them, nurture them and above all remember that bad behaviour is just that - A BEHAVIOUR! It is not the child that is bad or naughty, it is just the behaviour. Instead of judging the child on their behaviour, ask the question - why are they acting this way? What am I missing?
The sooner you recognise and accept this the sooner you can move forward with your own child and be part of their amazing life in a positive and loving way. Children need to form attachments, it is essential for their long term mental health and wellbeing. You have a responsability to ensure that your child develops and grows well, so be a Mum or a Dad and realise that you are their world and they are relying on you to do the right thing for them and their future. 

  • Love

This may seem to be an obvious one to most of us, yet Love can be defined in so many different ways. For me, Love is:

  1. Never judge the child on a 'Behaviour' - it is just that and nothing more!
  2. Respect them - they are a little human being!
  3. Listen - Active listening is a sign that you are engaged and interested in what they have to say. Updating Facebook and casually nodding is NOT listening to them!
  4. Tolerance & Empathy - You have to teach them this. To do this, you have to be Tolerant and empathetic. Children will learn from what they experience - Shout and be intolerant and they will become loud and intolerant! 

  • Sacrifice
Sacrifice is a rather harsh word, for us it was a pleasure!
Extra cleaning job to pay for his piano lesson.
Part time work to pay for drama.
Time with him instead of friends.
Planning your child's future is essential. Regardless of wether it actually pans out that way or not!

When you start to develop these practises, you suddenly realise that the world is open to your child. They can do whatever they want! It really does not matter what background they are from, because people will always invest in 'winners!' By that, I mean that by giving your child every opportunity to learn, develop, be heard and progress you can be in the position whereby all educational doors are open to you. 

Ruth and I have learned so much from our own Son, he has grown into a young Man with the world at his feet. Sometimes, I have to admit I do not know how we managed it! We have sacrificed so much to be able to say we have a Son! Life was (and is) hard, yet when we had tried for a child for over a decade and had always been told that we will never have children, when that miracle happened we were determined to take responsibility for creating this little man. After all, what else is there? 

In closing, I would like to return to my original statement. Do successful people have a 'thing' that others do not? I can only judge this on my own experiences, therefore I can honestly say that 'success' is subjective and can be determined in many different ways. Yes, a little more money would not be turned away, but possessions is not what life is about. For me, I have had little success in the corporate world, the self employed arena or the high flying PAYE sector. However, I am a Father, and a bloody good one at that! Success? Yes, I am successful and my Son will always remember and appreciate the TIME, EFFORT & LOVE his Mum and Dad gave him. 

Now, we are turning that success into a career. We are Foster Carers and proud to be able to give something back into the community.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sprocker Puppies

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Sufficiently Motivated