Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Classic FM, Tea and baked Potatoes!

Today, I am preparing lunch whilst my Wife is at work. I am sat at the dining table listening to Classic FM (You can listen HERE) sipping a cup of tea and pondering the weeks events.
I never used to listen to Classical music, in fact it was always turned off whenever it came on the radio! As I have matured, Classical music has evolved with me. I could never understand how anyone could enjoy listening to this genre of music as it rarely had any lyrics to get your teeth stuck into. That was my mistake, I was always searching for music that had a message!
The English Language is a beautiful Language, however Lyrics are not the pleasure to enjoy within Classical Music. Instead listen to the iterations and variations on a melody, it is full of messages - if you listen carefully!
Even now, after a few years of listening and enjoying the genre I still could not identify many pieces by name. I am no expert: just a fan!
My Son, has now started to learn his second instrument. The Oboe has interested him for some time but as he was concentrating on his Piano tuition he did not want to distract himself. He is now at a stage with the Piano that he feels he can take on the Oboe without affecting his studying. Classical music and instrument tuition has been linked to many positive reactions in Children including, Memory improvements, Emotions & Mood and Concentration. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

One step forward....

Today is a special day for us as a Family, you see we are spending today as a Family of three for the last time! Tomorrow, we are to be joined by our first Foster child as a permanent placement. We have spent the last 10 days getting to know him and we are all excited at the prospect if becoming a family of four! 

The excitement is also slightly tinged with sadness as we have come to realise that our first ever dog (Casper) has reached the end of his journey. He is 16 years old and has become extremely thin and can no longer walk without assistance. 
We will seek advice from the Vet tomorrow but deep down we know the outcome.