Tuesday, 28 January 2014


It is strange looking back on old emails and messages, so many things change in life that it almost seems like another person was writing and responding to those messages!
I sometimes daydream that I could take the most interesting parts of my career and life, put them together to create the 'perfect' existence for me..............

To be continued..

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A wake up call for the new year!

On New Year's Eve I arrived at my Mum's house to deliver a few items of shopping as she had been unable to get out due to a bad cough and chest infection.
It had started around Boxing day, and the Doctor had been called on two occasions: on both he had prescribed steriods and on the last visit a different form of antibiotics. Mum had said that she did not believe she was getting any better and so we did a little shopping for her and arrived to find the door still locked, this was unusual for Mum as she is always up with the sparrows!
I shouted to Mum and I heard her answer (which was a relief) and she started to make her way to the front door to let us in. I instantly realised something was wrong as she was muttering that she 'couldn't get in!' and seemed very confused indeed. Thankfully, she managed to unlock the bolts and I opened the door. As soon as I seen her I knew she was in trouble, her breathing was shallow and he lips were blue! I passed the bags of shopping to my Wife and grabbed her arm to help her to the front room, before we got out of the hallway she had collapsed. I caught her and laid her on the floor.
To cut a long and traumatic story short, she was taken to Hospital and was eventually diagnosed with Pneumonia.
Since then, it has been a constant journey back and forth to the Hospital and to Mum's house to let the dog out regularly. Today Mum seemed to of turned a corner and started to respond well to treatment. We are hopeful she may be home tomorrow!
The whole experience brought back memories of my Father who died at home and made me realise how much I take my Mum for granted. She is my Mum, i need her to know how much she is loved and appreciated everyday!
My Mum!