Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A #RaspberryPi, Christingle and Man flu kind of week!

As usual, we have had a busy few days but they seemed far more rewarding than usual!

On Sunday we attended our Son's Christingle concert at his School Chapel. He had a solo part (Singing) in the production and we were in bits from the very start - he was amazing!
I was very upset with my Iphone: as I pressed record it reported that there was not enough memory to capture the video! Gutted!
Back to work on Monday for a very long shift, which actually passed rather quickly considering the late night!
Rugby School Chapel
Tuesday seen us attend The Christmas Service at Rugby School Chapel where our boy once again sang his solo piece to a full house. This time, my iPhone came prepared with a clean memory and oodles of storage to capture those memories in abundance!
The Chapel at Rugby School is incredibly beautiful and makes for a fantastic Christmas service. The collection at the end of the proceedings was in aid of Hope4 which is a homeless charity based in Rugby. I remember at last years service that a substantial sum was collected to help this charity and based upon the amount of notes being handed into the collection basket I would assume this year may well be the same! 
I also bumped into some old friends and managed to thank many of Boy's teachers for their continued high standards and commitment. 

This morning, after a long and restless night with a cough and a head cold I awoke feeling like the world had decided to infect me with every conceivable bug without a host to afflict! I decided a day off was unavoidable and settled down with the intention of not moving from my bug infested bed!
My body had other plans, and after a bought of coughing and choking i gave up on the idea of staying in bed and headed for the shower (reluctantly!) to wash away my illness!
I am not one who can sit still for long, even when entertaining a bad bug! So, I started the jobs you never get to do when you work full time
  1. Get into the attic and clear some space for more 'junk' to be stored!
  2. Clear out Boy's room (store all junk in attic!).
  3. Clear spare room of 'Junk' and store junk in attic!
  4. Help Boy set-up and explore his new #RapberryPi
I managed to get through all these jobs even with the #ManFlu dragging me down!

The RapberryPi was brilliant! For me, working within the Open Source sector for over a decade made things a little easier but to see my Boy getting engulfed in 'learning' and 'absorbed' in programming was the best feeling in the world! This is how I envisage ICT lesson plan's within the educational sector. Engage the kids with exciting and factual 'hands on' learning!

Set up was simple yet rewarding, Boy chose to use the 'Command Line' as his first choice instead of starting the Pi in Gui (Graphical User Interface) mode. Simply put, he wanted to learn how to 'do stuff' rather than having it done for him!
I can not wait for my next day off to be able to continue his (and my) journey of learning. I will be scouring my feeds for useful resources to help with our RPi programming

Puppy Update

As you will all be aware, Bella (our Springer Spaniel) gave birth to ten healthy Sprocker's (Dad was a Cocker Spaniel) about eight weeks ago now. Within three weeks or so nearly every pup was booked! It has proven a stressful yet rewarding experience for us all. We now have two Pup's left who will be leaving for their forever home's next weekend. I can honestly say that I will miss them both very much indeed. When there were ten running riot it was almost un-manageable: a constant cleaning, bleaching and paper changing routine had to be in place which became incredibly draining!

Looking to the future….

My first ever flight was to Italy last year, since then we have been deliberating on where we would like to go next!
We often go through potential locations together but more often than not we end up with the same result - America! Cost is always a huge consideration in holiday planning and America does not come cheap! That said, looking further into it, the actual holiday itself is perfectly manageable but the accomadation can be incredibly expensive. We would be looking at over £600 a week to stay near to Disney in Florida. Has anyone any experience in a drive holiday in the states with Family? We would be interested in looking at 'Travel lodge' type accommodation as I would love to visit Florida Keys and anything along the route worth looking at as this would be a Holiday of a lifetime and a wasted day is not on the itinerary! Any advice would be appreciated.

As I settle down to another full week of work I am grateful for the past few days and the experiences I have had. 

Happy Christmas.