Saturday, 21 September 2013

The foundation of the future.

So Ive had about 48 hours with the new IOS7 update and I have to say I'm very impressed!
Personally though I've never really had a problem with the previous updates it's  all worked as it should do. This new update is a real 'game changer', a road map of new and exciting things to come. Apple have laid the foundations for a new build, one which I am sure will bring many new surprises! 
One of my favorite part of the update is the ability to see what you have open at any time. Previously, a double tap of the home screen would show you App icon's only. Now, your treated to the current screen and the relating icon: much better!

Also, my battery life seems to of significantly improved since the update which is far from the norm! A faster, more responsive IOS has been born! 
One thing that threw me initially - I couldn't find my Instagram App anywhere! The new search facility (gently pull down on home screen and a search box appears) confirmed it was still installed and gave me its folder location. 
I soon came across another one of the updates new features: multiple apps in folders! 
Overall a great update.