Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Death as a punishment!

I have been following the case of little April Jones in the news recently and the subsequent sentencing of Mark Bridger to life in prison. It has raised many heated debates, one of these being the Death Penalty!
The Guardian posted their latest front page on Google+ which was commented on with reference the death penalty, I also shared my opinion:
I do not believe the death penalty belong's in a civilised society, in fact the two statements can not be in the same sentence - Death Penalty & Civilised - For me it just does not work!
There is an argument about how prisoners get treated in the UK jail system, but that is an entirely different conversation. We do not have the right to take a life, just as Mark Bridger did not have the right to take a life. 
As a Father myself, I could never imagine going through what April's family are going through, let alone the anger and emotions that must be so raw at this time. Would I want to take the law into my own hands if it were me? Hell yes! But as an individual we have the right to choose our own path, right or wrong, good or bad. As a Country, we have to live by the law.
Would the Country shed a tear if Mark Bridger were to die - I doubt it! 
If we did return to days where death as punishment were commonplace do you think it would deter people from committing these crimes? Personally, I think not. We label so many people as insane or suffering with a mental health condition, yet we call people like Bridger a monster and blame internet porn for his affliction! Why is the person who believes they see dead people labelled as having a 'Mental Health Condition' yet people with a twisted interest in children are just sick! 
The death penalty has no place in a civilised society. However, treatment of inmates needs to be discussed!