Friday, 24 May 2013


Today I've been making sone room, de-cluttering and clearing out wasted space to make room for more 'stuff' we may use one day!
It is incredible the junk we keep hold of! 
For example, today I have found everything from old CB Radio's and equipment (from the days where CB was cool and a great way to talk for free!), right through to a Gas Mask and Poison cream ready for an attack! 
I also found my old favourite phone; the #Nokia 6210 wich was the Business Class in its day! 

A Personal Organiser with an incredible amount of memory on board! A Kodak instant printer, and lots of PC stuff that most kids these days would have no clue about!
Why do we hoard so much stuff for do long? 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Instagram - Parents be aware!

Like me,  I am sure most of you have heard (and indeed some may use) Instagram: the photo uploading and sharing social media application. 
I enjoy Instagram and have used it for some time quite happily, it has always seemed to be a great tool for sharing my image content with followers. Just recently though, I have come across a darker side of Instagram which I feel I need to warn parents about. 
A family member posted a rather risky image of herself on the site and included certain #tags (words that enable others to find pictures related to certain words, for example #sexy # hot # teen etc) within the comments section. Within a couple of hours the image had received multiple likes (50+) and other Instagram members had included other tags within the comments to entice other people to view and follow this girl. 
What I quickly realised was that some of these tags were returning completely inappropriate (and sometimes illegal) images. There is a craze doing the rounds within the teen and pre-teen social media circles, its called Sextin (texting with graphic images) and it is happening everywhere! Our kids could be taking graphic images of themselves and sending them to others or posting them on sites like Instagram. The most common reason for doing this is to generate thousands of followers to their page or profile. 
This is a warning to all parents (and to you, the kids). The images being sent are being distributed online between groups of people who thrive on them!! 
Be warned! If you are a teen with sexually explicit images of your friends on your phone and are caught with these images you could be convicted and your name put on the sex offenders register! These are images of children after all! 
I believe that Instagram are making steps to remove tags that return illegal material. I just hope it's done quickly. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The ability to spot an opportunity

My Dad always used to say that "Youth is wasted on the Young!" As a child, I never fully understood this phrase, now I am starting to see his point!
Like most of us, I have younger family members who are in their teens. Recently it has become clear that they do not seem to have any goals or dreams, let alone the clarity and drive to see anything through.
From relationships to career choices, they seem to be completely oblivious to the opportunity in front of them. This is partly down to their own parents, but as a teenager they have the power to change their futures, mould their lives in any way they choose. They have exactly that: Choices!
We would be a powerful species if we had the knowledge and life skills of a 40 year old at 15 years of age! Hence the saying that Youth is wasted on the Young.

If you are a teen reading this blog and you find yourself in 'limbo' not knowing what to do with your life then take some advice from a 'nearly' 40 year old.
DO SOMETHING! It's better than doing nothing. You have time on your side, make mistakes and do not be embarrassed by them; learn from them!
Some of the greatest Inventors, Teachers, Politicians, Prime Ministers, Authors and Scholars have made such huge mistakes in their time. On fact, everyone makes mistakes, the successful people learn from it and carry on regardless.
DO NOT put your life on hold for 'Love'. It's not as important as you may think.
Imagine your existence as five external hard drives, they contain:
1. Family
2. Love life
3. Friends
4. Career
5. Hobby
If you fill these hard drives with your existence then you are in good shape should something go wrong with any one. Call it a backup strategy if you like!
However, concentrate your life and attention on just one area (Love for example) and when that goes wrong (and it will!) your other drives are empty and you have no backup!
The most important thing to remember is to fill your life with important things and don't worry about making mistakes.

Love and best wishes.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Frightened? Not so much now.

Why are we so frightened?

A friend of mine has just returned from a self-funded trip to Syria to experience and document the Syrian people's plight and suffering.
You can read some of his posts here

These reports that Christian brought home affected me in an unexpected way. I was shocked that this kind of suffering still went virtually unnoticed to our 'civilised' world. What Christian did, was to give me a virtual slap in the face: to wake me from my daily privileged life and to let me see with my own eyes a world that many would rather ignore.
A recording from Christian:

We are so lucky to live such a privileged life. Hot water when required, drinking water in such vast quantities we use it for plants and lawns! Basic essentials that we take for granted every day.
The people of Syria are not frightened about appearing on stage, about standing up for what they believe, a job interview or what their friends think of them. They are frightened for their lives! Most have escaped death at the hands of Government forces only to realise death could come from disease or starvation!
If this amazing journey and subsequent reports by Christian has taught me anything, its to approach my fears with a little more of an open mind.
After all, I have everything I need or want!!