Friday, 26 April 2013

Life in Syria

Today has been an incredibly busy day, work, family and day to day commitments stacking up in front of me! There has been one major difference today which has set it apart from most other day's I can remember: I have been following regular updates from a friend of mine who has managed to get in to Syria to attempt to document the current situation and the affect on the Syrian people.
I set my iPhone to notify me whenever a new tweet or post came through so I could follow and re-tweet any information I could, and I found that I could not wait for the next post! You see, I thought about what was annoying me that day and how trivial and petty it was compared to this little boy -

It actually made me feel quite ashamed of my selfishness. Here we have a young boy (3 years younger than my own Son!) who has been so badly injured, emotionally and physically that he will never understand or experience what it is to make love to his wife, to have children or to experience his 'first time'. To call on his Mother or Sister for help and advice or Love and hugs. I may well be getting incredibly deep and emotional with this but this is REAL, it is happening now as we sit here reading this Blog people are being killed, injured and victimised.

I have to admit, I am naive and blind to what has happened in Syria. As guilty as it makes me feel I almost did not care as it was 'nothing to do with me!' Today I realised that maybe this is how the rest of the world views it as well. Why are atrocities like this allowed to continue in a so called civilised world? Just because this is another Country, does it make the pain less painful for that 5 year old boy? Is his blood less red than ours?

Awareness; I do not believe that awareness alone leads to positive action. If it did then surely I would be doing more than writing a blog! The thing is, people have power, WE have power to do something about Evil in this world. I heard just recently (after the Bomb attack at the Marathon) someone say that 'Evil is practiced by such a small minority of people, if the rest of us stand together we will overcome it!" If all I can do is write a blog (badly i know!) in the hope that others will do something similar to spread the words of people like Documentally who, like others with him (Phil Sands)have made a choice to put themselves in danger to bring us the truth then that has to be a positive step!
As I sit here, I can hear the familiar sound of my Son's TV coming from upstairs, he looks forward to Friday evening's as he can fall asleep with his favourite film playing in the background. My thoughts turn to Sultan, what are his dreams and memories that return to him at night?
How lucky we are.........