Thursday, 14 March 2013

Case or no case?

Am I alone in thinking that the iPhone feels and looks so much better naked?
I have a 'skin' type case which fits beautifully and doesn't really add much bulk to the device at all. But when I take it off, I can feel the smooth texture of that beautiful body, every nook and cranny, every sensation is magnified intensely.
This is the time to spend rubbing oil into those magnificent curves, spending time on the important parts that bring out the best in its body.
My apologies, I have digressed into fifty shades of grey!
Anyway, back to the topic! Am I alone in preferring my phone without a case?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cafe Gnosh, Rugby.

My Mum turned 74 today, and for a Birthday treat Ruth & I took her to Cafe Gnosh in Rugby town centre.

We have visited this restaurant many times before and never had a bad experience. This visit would not disappoint.

Mum had the pie of the day which was Beef, Ale and Vegetables. This was served with a beautiful puff pastry topping.
Ruth had the Omelette with ham and tomato, again presented beautifully.
Me, I went for a favourite of mine: Piri Piri Chicken Nachos! Divine.

If you get the chance, visit Cafe Gnosh and speak with the James who is always pleased to advise.