Thursday, 24 January 2013

Italy, another world....

In October this year we took a flight to Italy and spent a glorious week exploring around the Umbrian region along with the usual trips to Rome and Pisa.

This was a momentous occasion for us as a Family as it was not only our first ever time visiting this beautiful country but it was also the first time my Son and I had stepped foot on a plane!

I had always deliberately avoided any situation that would involve me flying or heights in general, however it was not always like that. My fears have surfaced since an accident at 16 years old. Strangely this accident did not involve any heights or planes! Anyway, I have digressed slightly.

I do not believe I have ever felt quite as much fear and anxiety as I did when I boarded that plane, what made it more difficult was that I had to 'keep it together' as my Son was with us! The staff at British Airways were magnificent from the start, at check in the Lady asked me if I was alright (I was physically shaking and I was very pale!) to which I explained the reasons behind my obvious nervousness. She must of made some notes on the system as once I was seated an air steward introduced himself to us and spent a few minutes reassuring me that it was perfectly acceptable to be nervous and asked me if a 'small' drink would help! I thanked him and agreed that a red wine may help a little.

The take off was amazing, crazy, petrifying and unbelievable all rolled into one! If i distant myself from the 'fear' for a moment I can honestly say that it was an incredible feeling to be catapulted down a sheet of concrete and whisked into the air! Once at the required height, the air steward appeared with three small bottles of red wine, a plastic glass and some further reassurance.

Our week in Italy was not enough, yet it was the most incredible holiday we had ever taken! We would love to go back, spend a little more time soaking up the culture (and wine), the sights and the people. 

One of my personal favorites of Italy was Assisi, if you are ever in Italy I highly recommend a visit.

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