Tuesday, 17 July 2012

In love with Apple?

It's the worst kind of littering!


Watching out of my window this morning with my coffee in hand, pondering the day to come. I see a local lady walking her two small dogs across the public field which tags onto the back of my garden.
One of the dogs decides to do its business and the owner stands and waits for it to finish - at this point I had no question or thoughts that this respected member of our local village who has had a name here for six generations would not pick up this dog foul. How wrong was I?
She turned away and left the offending pile for one of the local kids to step in!

This behaviour really winds me up. As a dog owner (4 X over) its my responsibility to ensure that my animals do not foul the paths and walkways. MINE!
If your going to own a dog, be a responsible owner!

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Monday, 2 July 2012

The Olympic Flame comes to #Rugbytown! #rugbytorch #rugbybc #London2012TorchRelay

This morning saw the much anticipated arrival of the Olympic Flame in Rugby. I must admit to being one of those who was a little worried about the amount of effort that had been put into this great event by @rugbybc and the other organisers. 

I am happy to say that these worries were unfounded, in fact I have to say that from all the people that I have spoken with today the general feeling is one of pride for what has been achieved today - Well done to everyone involved!

The morning started for me around 5:30am, awake and getting the kit ready. By 07:00 were were on location in Lawford Road, this was to be the starting point of the convoy at around 08:15.

From the moment the convoy started, there was a fantastic feeling of community and involvement, a great deal of pride in our Country- the air was thick with a patriotic fog. Children screaming with joy at witnessing this event, waving flags and banging drums, it really was an amazing experience. My Son explained the morning perfectly - "This is so important Dad, I may never get to see this ever again!"

I found myself wishing I could enjoy the event fully, but I had to record this once in a lifetime national treasure that was unfoldinmg in front of me. I captured both image and video of the day and I have attached a few of the images here. A video of the torch can be seen HERE, this was taken on the Lawford Road with the Cemex factory in the background.

In closing, I would like to add that the @Metpolice were incredible as were the local @warkspolice. Without these wonderful people, events like these would be so much more difficult. 


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