Friday, 9 September 2011

Software Freedom Day @RugbyLUG @OpusVL

Its nearly Software Freedom Day and I have been trying to drum up some local support for the event that is being held in Rugby. If you are in Education, Business or an end user this event will open your eyes to the benefits of open Source and its uses. Here is an email I sent out today to my Son's School in the hope of engaging Teachers...


Please have a look at the attached flier -

Software Freedom Day is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software. SFD is a public education effort with the aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use.
The Rugby even is being held at Benn Partnership Centre, Railway Terrace, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 3HR on Saturday September 17th 2011

The reason I believe it could be relevant to the school is I have had several discussions with the head over the years about this subject and I believe that an interest was shown, it was always just too difficult to get the support needed to make a difference.

How much does our School spend each year on its IT?

When i give my time in that playing field for fete's and fund raising I do not want my hard earned efforts being given to Microsoft towards license costs! Do you?

I want my Son to learn about IT and the tools needed to make a difference in his adult life! - Open Source Software can deliver this.
I am passionate about Open Source Software and truly believe in its benefits within the educational environment. I need support to make it happen.

If in any doubt take a look at how Open Source has revolutionized schools across the UK with these Testimonials & Case studies. These are from REAL teachers on the front line of teaching.
Why should our school use open source? - Take a look HERE..

If you attend the event from 11am, you will have the opportunity to learn about how Open Source can make a real difference in education, hear the myths dispelled and ask any questions you may have. It really is a great investment of time.

Is this something you feel your School would like to learn more about?

If not, please let me know - I would very much appreciate it if you could forward this on to any person you feel could benefit from it.

Thank you in advance.

Lee Martin