Saturday, 27 February 2010

Likeminds 2010 via @Documentally

I have just watched this video from @Documentally and was very
impressed with both the content of the interviews and the obvious
talent of Christian.

Have a look.

Lee Martin
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It has occurred to me recently that I need to chill out a little. I
take things way to seriously and allow them to affect me negatively.
Recently, I have been feeling quite positive although there are a
great deal of negatives around me. I put this positivity down to a
meeting with a Hypnotherapist- yes I have been!
The whole experience was extremely relaxing and generated a positive
feeling that actually lasted. Now I am not from the camp that believes
that miracles can occur when under the "spell" of hypnosis. That said,
it helps people to better deal with their own situation. I believe as
humans we have this ability inside us already but we are conditioned
to such an extent that we can no longer cope with stress and anxiety
like our mothers generation had to. That is the key - had to!
What choice did they have? None.
There is some weight to the feeling of "just get on with it!". Maybe,
but I think that we as people need to be a little more tolerent of
others. Their problems and their worries.

Every one of us is different.

Enjoy your weekend.

Lee Martin
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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

L O V E ..

Exciting changes

A lot of things are changing at work. Not least the internal office layout. I no longer have an office all to myself, instead i and the rest of the Sales team are in the open area at the top of the office- its actually a great move as it allows the sales team to interact with each other and share each others wins!
Nothing ever stays still here...,

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Friday, 5 February 2010