Friday, 20 November 2009

Bugs, moans, headaches and swine flu..

Well, this week has been a complete wash out- I have been so ill and I do not just mean a bout of "man flu"! I have managed to stay the course at work although this morning I have felt the worst of the whole week, so the thought of working from home seemed so appealing. That said, we have so much going on at work that a day out from me would put us behind a little so that option has been ruled out.

There is so so much going round at the minute - the one thing as a parent that concerns me is the swine flu talk. It was a main story on the news last night about a little girl who had contracted swine flue and had died as a result of complications resulting from the bug. She was five years old! Along with another child who had been apparently misdiagnosed and had died as a result of Swine flu. As a parent it frightens the life out of me, but we have to try and keep things in perspective. This bug if contracted is likely to make a person or child feel rough, but it is only in extreme cases that it can become serious.

If you suspect that a member of your household may have swine flu then visit