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Check out this post on GigaOM

For all you Technically minded out there this is an interesting post.

8 Flexible, Open-Source (or Just Open) Telephony�Resources




Thursday, 22 October 2009

Postal Strike


So with a postal strike about to make a misery of the UK the Guardian has taken it upon themselves to post out satellite tracking devices across the UK to monitor what happens to your mail during a postal strike. Brilliant!
You can check the whereabouts of the trackers on the link above..
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True Blood - Episode 1

I sat and watched episode one tonight with my Wife. Now bare in mind Ruth(my wife) is a self proclaimed Robert Pattenson fan the True Blood series has a lot to live up to.

I found it a little slow to start, but once the story started to gain pace it was totally watchable. I loved the way the edge of your seat
suspense was almost eased somewhat by the comedy like actions and
comments of Anna's character.

Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to a continuation of the story.

Lee Martin
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Monday, 5 October 2009

An upsetting end to a good day...

A landmark day for me, I managed to walk a little way whilst enjoying
some Father-Son time.

Ruth and I picked Kerecsen up from school and I mentioned to Ruth that
I felt like trying a few steps. We decided on a visit to Coombe Abbey
country park
, great for parking and taking pictures of the numerous bird life in and around the grounds. I managed a little way into the grounds and had to turn back, much to the delight of Kerecsen who realised that the play area was on the way out of the grounds!

After about 15 minutes watching him race around from one swing to a slide hundreds of times he settled into a castle like slide construction with robe ladders and beams etc... I was just within ear shot of him taking some pictures of the grounds when i overheard a group of kids speaking. The oldest of the group said " No lets wait a minute" another lad about 13 years old said " Why though", on this the older boy replied " Lets just wait for the Ginger kid to finish!"...

Now I am an open minded man, and often say what is on my mind in any given circumstance - this was to prove no different. What made this situation worse for me was that the group of kids were of Asian origin, which angered me because (rightly or wrongly)i would of expected more sensitivity from them. I immediately confronted the group and said " He is not THE GINGER KID, he has a name!, and i would of expected a little more than prejudice from you.) They all slipped away without a word.

I would of confronted anyone who had said that to my Son, regardless of colour or origin. I really did not expect it from that particular group, why it shocked me so much i do not know. I just know in my heart that if the shoe was on the other foot it would of been completely inappropriate...

Even writing this blog, i find myself worried in case it offends, or is taking in the wrong way. So much for freedom of speech!

Lee Martin
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Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Consultants Appointment.

Today was the follow up at the hospital.

I managed to get a snap of my xray while the Consultant was out of the
room. As you can see, the left side of the area where they broke my
leg is healing nicely, the right however is a different story.
The Consultant is not too concerned as he said he can see some faint
signs of healing occuring.