Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A news reporter, or a news re-reporter?

Looking through the mountain of posts on Facebook and Twitter i find it difficult to see a story or post that is not a re-post or a cut and paste from someone else's website. There are quotes, poems, pasted news items and so much content coming my way but how much of it is relevant and actually worth my time?

Do we make content for the sake of it?
If you can honestly look at your content and say this is me, my words, my content then well done you and keep it up. For a lot of people they can not say that, for the content you sweat over is there's for the copying. Its all good for exposure i suppose as long as its done correctly, but it makes me wonder how much of what i do on a daily basis is making any difference at all. I do not want to be a content spreader, i want to be a content maker!
Take a look at what you do, if you add up the amount of time you spend doing the rounds on social media sites, is it worthwhile? Was that investment in time going to bring you a return?

Some wise man once said to me, invest your time wisely, make every minute count. So with that in mind I have to be wise in choosing where to invest my time in the future, I have too much at stake to ignore it. I am not saying i will be stopping my social media exploits, far from it in fact. Just focusing my efforts somewhat...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Should the age of sexual consent be 13 years old?


In today's news was the above story of Professor John Spencer, appearing on a BBC Radio Four programme to be broadcast tomorrow night, who says ALL teenagers should be free to have sex

The BBC has been blasted by the public for allowing him to have air time on this subject.
I believe he should have air time to give his opinion, after all i believe he has a good argument. I am not saying that it is OK for teenagers to have sex, but the current law does not hold any one young person back from engaging in sex. If you are still one of the naive minority that believe it is only the few "rowdy" or "feral" kids that are doing "that sort of thing" then its time you woke up and get educated!. More so if you actually have kids who are approaching that age.
Sex, or rather access to it is more available to kids these days, the Internet, magazines, TV and films are all selling sex in some shape or form. That is the world in which we live, get used to it or be ready for disappointment.

I believe that if the age of consent were to be lowered you would not be bombarded with a massive influx of teen pregnancies or stories of STD's on the increase in teens. They do not have sex because they do not want to have sex, and not because the law says they can't! They will have sex when it suits them and as long as they are advised of the correct and safe ways then that is the best we as parents can do.
I would rather be educated enough to be able to a source of help and support for my child when he reaches that age so I can advise him correctly.

So, no matter what your belief in the correct age of consent it really is as irrelevant as mine because youngsters have their own minds and therefore will use them as they see fit. All we can do is try to be the voice of reason and support and hope that our words of wisdom are adhered to.....

Car vandalised and crashed

A vehicle parked in valley sports ground was yesterday broken into and
vandalised whilst the owner was playing football in the VS ground.
The vehicle was then rolled down the hill smashing through the fence
ending up in the small brook.

Overnight the vehicle was ransacked and completely trashed by local

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Church in Winter

This one is from an older batch re-edited and framed. This particular
image will be used as the village Christmas card this year.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Cornish Pasties

My Aunty Margaret is up visiting my mum from Cornwall.
She has been making real original Cornish pasties for over 40 years
now and you have not tasted nothing like them. They are superb and

Nice parking!

On the way back from dropping my son off at nursery my wife and I
spotted this classic parking effort on the canal!

Monday, 14 September 2009

New Moon Trailer

For all the Vampire fans out there, the newest New Moon trailer was premiered at the VMA's last night and here it is...

What did you think?

As someone who has a wife whom is besotted with the books and films I have to say i really like this trailer. I look forward to being at the premiere in London with my wife....

Please feel free to comment..

First day at school / Purpose

Today is my Son's first day at his new school. Well you can not really call it a day as he start at 12 and is finished by around 3pm. That said, it's a nice easy in for kids who can be a little nervous.
Just typical then that Kerecsen is poorly with a cough and a snotty cold on his first day. So we enter our first dilemma, take him into school so he does not miss out on his first day. Or leave him at home to recover. My first instinct is to take him in as it's only a cold and I am sure he would rather be with his new friends on their first day at school.

It's such a strange thing to be talking about school for my son, it only seems like yesterday that he was born. Yet so much has happened in those (nearly) five years, funerals, weddings, special birthdays & anniversary's not to mention my rise and fall from health.
A good friend of mine said to me recently that they can not plan for anything in their life because of everything that is happening to them. I disagreed with this, as I believe no matter your circumstances life is short and while it can be ok to live without direction in the short term we as human beings are wired to need and require a purpose and direction in our lives. Without this purpose and direction things become empty and eventually meaningless.

To have purpose in life allows you-

1. To give your life some direction.
2. To make sure that YOU are the one choosing the direction in your life and not others.
3. To motivate. (very important)
4. To give us the opportunity to get what we want from life.
5. To reduce stress.
6. To give ourselves a sense of accomplishment and pride.
7. To give you a sense of direction and more importantly a purpose in life.

Whilst i agree that life can not be planned, it is important to have a purpose. See what life throws at you and grab it with both hands...

So all in all, the past five years have just flown past me in a blur. I am sure the next five will be the same. My point here is this, i have had aims over the past five years some i have achieved and others i have not. If I had not had those ambitions and purpose then nothing would of changed for me or my family!
Make sure you have your purpose in place, otherwise we as humans remain the same and that is unatural and can not be sustainable.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Local couple celebrate 40th Wedding Anniversary

Geoff & Annette Lewis of Hillmorton in Rugby celebrate their Ruby wedding anniversary today. The couple (pictured with their two daughters Julie, on the right and Joanne)were whisked off to London on Saturday morning for a surprise visit to see Phantom of the Opera. They return tomorrow after a fun packed day of surprises in store today.

Geoff, who until the Peugeot plant shutdown in 2007 worked as a Manager in the Ryton building has lived and worked locally for most of his life. Annettte has recently retired from her position at the Abbotsbury care home in Hillmorton after many years.


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sperm test.

Today I am at reproductive centre in the midlands and I am about to give a "sample" of Sperm.

These places are so strange, they make me feel nervous and embarrassed and I am not sure why.
Could be the fact that within 10 minutes I am going to be playing with my "old man"! Events which are normally enjoyed in the comfort of my own home.

I would of loved to of had the nerve and asked a couple of the other blokes around me in the waiting room how they were "feeling" but it feels like it's the unspoken rule to ignore why we are all here. It's like starting a conversation with a bloke whilst standing at the urinal- it's just not done!

I think every other bloke in this room is playing with his mobile phone. Including me!

I have never made a secret of the fact that my son took ten years of trying before we finally concieved. It's down to me and my trusty reproductive material. So I am hopeful that maybe my "mix" has improved somewhat since the last test. You see we are desperate for another child for my son to grow up with. Yet it's all down to us as there is no financial help for a couple who already have a child. I think the longing for a second child is far greater than it was for the first, there is more at stake now. No longer is it just our feelings to take into account, we have to think about the affect on our son of being an only child.

A lot of people take baby making for granted, for some it's as easy to get pregnant as it is to drive a car. For many others it's never that simple.
People with infertility problems experience many different emotions and problems on the road to having a baby. The female has it the worse, us men just need to do our bit in a dingy little room and make sure it all goes in the pot!
( how they ever expect me to fit the end in there has always baffled me! )

As someone who has experienced the infertility road for many years I feel a great deal of pride and admiration for my wife, she has conquered many fears and experienced heartache that even I can not comprehend.

So why the hell am I winging about a stupid little pot.
Grow some balls man!!

Lee Martin
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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Remembering the 11th of September...

On Friday it will be the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the USA which happened on September 11th, 2001.

I watched a program recently about the audio legacy of that day, the personal telephone calls that were made from victims who had become trapped in the towers. They were highly emotional and for me gave the whole event a more personal feel. I had never before sat and thought about how i felt about the attacks.

I remember the day when it all happened, my wife and I were on our way home from work when the first plane hit the tower, we managed to get into the house and turn the TV on to see the second plane hit the tower live on air. It was the most surreal moment in my life. This could not be happening surely?
Unfortunately, it was real and it was happening to those thousands of people across the water at that very moment....

Since that day I, like most of us have got on with life and moved forward with life and thoughts have drifted towards that day when TV footage or news stories have emerged. After watching the program the other night, i feel different, moved, angry and guilty that i never fully understood how that moment changed our whole existence more than i ever truly understood. I have found myself awake at night thinking about what i would of done or said should i have been caught in that terrible and frightening situation.
I love my family, and although i have been given more than my fair share of hurdles in life i can honestly say that i am happy with who i am and what i have achieved. These achievements are not possession or financially based, they are emotional and moral achievements.

I hope that some day the people who have survived this atrocity will find some peace and meaning once again, until that day my thoughts and love will be with them.

These situations raise a question in me that i can not answer.What hatred or passion drives a person to commit these acts?
Is it time we as a world tried to understand those people who have this hatred? Or should it be like the opinion of one of the people in the program i watched, "Go in there and blow the hell out of all of them!"

I am not in favor of that, but events like this breed hatred and can only lead to more death and heartache...

What is the answer?

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Physiotherapy time.

Today was the first day of my Physiotherapy appointments.
I have experienced Physiotherapy on and off for many years due to my
disability so was prepared for the "hurt" that can sometimes occur.
Obviously not prepared enough!!

I came out of there and dived straight for the pain killers.

Apparently my knee movement is now restricted to 60% of what it should
be. So I am in for the long haul with physiotherapy to try and return
movement back to what it should be.

Lee Martin
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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Recovery Update

Good Morning...

So just to update you as to my recovery.
I have had a Consultants appointment last week and the result of which was to be signed off work for a further 4 weeks due to the bone not healing!

Bit annoyed with the situation to be honest as i was expecting to return to work sooner than this. I will have to turn the disappointment into positive action to recompense somewhat...


Thursday, 3 September 2009

What you can come out with when on serious pain killers!

There is a certain calmness, a certain state of mind that is opened up at the witching hour. Laying on fresh pillows in a comfy bed, listening to Sarah by Fleetwood Mac. I start to dream my dreams, live my fantasies and plan my rise into the world that I have pictured these many years.
Once enwrapped into this dream, no lights nor interuption can reduce my concentration. I am the determined bird on it's migratory flight, the salmon on the upstream journey, the Family man with great pride.

Alas, tramadol had it's place in this flightless bird's journey, but that said I believe this passenger just needs the wheels to be able to travel. You may need to be in this place to be able to comprehend my words and wisdom, i am not fatigued by shouts of "wisdom, you mean insanity!"
Opinions are great conversations.

Great things can come from these moments. ......

For now, just the lyrics of my tune echo into the abyss of my mind. Raising questions, doubts, feelings. These are the moments, to question, doubt and to feel- is to be alive. Grab those moments, challenge them, remember them.

Lee Martin
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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Today would of been the 53rd Wedding Anniversary of my Mum and Dad...

My father died on April 01st(yes April fools day!) 2007.

Since my operation over 10 weeks ago i have not visited his grave, i hope to go today...

Miss you Dad.