Friday, 31 July 2009

DVT - The diagnosis

So after yesterday's ordeal I was restless most of the night, worrying about the outcome of the tests. Today started much the same, then I got a telephone call from the DVT nurse explaining that the blood results had returned and that she wanted me to attend a scan to detect for the blood clots. I was given a time of 2-30PM to attend Rugby St. Cross hospital.
I was given a scan on my left leg starting from the groin area right down to the bottom of the calf muscle. The kind and professional scanner operative explained to me very concisely the thigh area was looking quite normal, however when she moved the probe behind my knee area the result was quite significantly different. She concluded that i indeed did have DVT, and needed to be seen by the DVT nurse to treat and explain what required action was next.

At this time, it had not really sunk in. However by the time I had spent the next hour with the DVT nurses I was quite clear on how serious this situation was and is!

I am feeling a little strange at the minute, it is very difficult to explain. Its as though i have something inside me that i have no control over whatsoever, it can decide my destiny as it pleases...
Maybe some may say that its an over reaction to feel that way - to them i say have you ever had blood clots?
I am a reasonable and sane individual, who usually has no problem dealing with life's stresses and strains. This however has shook me, every twinge and pain i experience i think about "what if it is a clot broken off"... I never have been so paranoid in my life... and it terrifying to say the least!
I am trying to keep myself sane by telling myself that this is a relatively common thing to happen and that once diagnosed it is just a case of careful monitoring to speed a recovery.

Either way, things are out of my hands. I am now so glad that the Consultant spotted the DVT when he did or this story may of had a much different ending indeed.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

A day to Forget remember

Today was the day of my follow up appointment with my Consultant to establish how the recovery is progressing and to get an idea as to the length of recovery still required.

For those of you who are lost, this earlier post should explain what I have had done.

So my Wife and I arrived at The University Hospital in Coventry and after spending a little time finding a nearby disabled place to park(I still find this infuriating, why spend nearly £400 million on building a new hospital and have disabled bays so far away from the entrance!)we finally managed to get into the hospital for 2PM.
My appointment was at 2-30PM and so we waited to be called in, at around 3PM I was called to the reception area and told that I would need to go for an xray. I swallowed my frustration at waiting for that long to be told that I now needed an xray!
The nurse told me where to go(literally!) and we made our way to the xray department. On arrival we were told that we would have to walk back to the reception to get a "sticker" to enable me to be seen at the xray department. Now usually i am not one to complain but here I was a 20 stone 35 year old man hobbling around on crutches with a broken leg in agony. I was a little bit annoyed at the seemingly lack of process or communication of processes to patients.
I had my xray and returned to the waiting room to wait some more....

The Appointment
So, I sat with the Consultant and he asked all the usual questions, How you been? Hows the pain been?, Why are you wearing a dress? Oh sorry scratch the last...
He asked me to show him the leg, and he identified an absys area on the scar which he said would need to be "nicked" and drained straight away. Great!
He injected the area with local anesthetic (several times!)and then proceeded to attack the area with a scalpel!

With that job done i got my jeans back on and waited for him to discuss the recovery time with me. My wife then noticed that my jeans were turning a nice shade of Rose....
The wound had started gushing blood through the dressings and my jeans.

The Consultant asked me to take off my jeans again and re-dressed the area with a much bigger dressing.

Anyway, after all the dressing and re-dressing and blood on the floor we finally got to discuss the leg..
Whilst he was re-dressing he noticed the lower leg(calf)was very hard and unusually shaped, he concluded that there is a high risk of DVT which is Deep Vein Thrombosis, this is basically blood clots.
This can be very serious indeed, as in some cases the blood clot can start to travel around the body, ending up heading straight for the heart. once this blood clot hits the heart it can cause a blockage which can cause a heart attack or stroke.

I was sent to the DVT nurse in A&E who had just left for the day so we waited in A&E for a further 2 hours until i was treated with clot busting drugs and sent on my merry way. They will call me tomorrow to organise a body scan to find the clots.

The Joys!!

Anyway I am tired so I am going to bed.....
Here is the Audioboo related to this post

Monday, 20 July 2009

Life's little moments

It goes without saying that life has a funny way of kicking you in the arse when your down. whilst I am not going to publicize(at this moment)my reasoning behind that comment I will say this, always trust your instincts.
I have questioned mine for a long time, putting them down to paranoia or over exaggeration, when I should of been listening to them and acting on them.
They are your minds way of telling you something is not right....

Oh well, never mind...
Lets see how this one plays out shall we.....

Saturday, 18 July 2009

A positive attitude

I envy those who seem to have such a positive attitude even when things are going wrong in their lives.
How do they manage it?

Any ideas?

Ok, so I suppose I am feeling a tad fed up, have been over the past few days. Just can not seem to shake it.

I am going to make a coffee......

Friday, 17 July 2009

A good feeling

It was Jools Holland's outdoor concert in Rugby tonight and I was due to attend the night but due to my leg operation and the recovery time I have been unable to attend.

That left me with two tickets to the event and a booking for a table and chairs to deal with! I thought about selling them to try and recoup some of the £90 costs, but as it was so short notice i soon ditched that idea.
Instead, i discussed with my wife about who we could possibly give the tickets too, who could do with a great night out no strings attached.
We had several possibilities of friends whom have not had it easy recently and would appreciate a nice night out. In the end we decided on our friends Geoff & Annette, their family have consistently been a rock for us for many years and it was in the end an obvious choice.

It has given us great pleasure to do this for them and we hope they have a fantastic night.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

O2 Update

This is an update to an earlier post located here

Well, I called O2 this morning to be told that the roaming charges had been credited to my account!!

Its over.....

I am so pleased, If that lady had not informed me about the Credit return form I would still be facing a £400 bill!

Please make sure you pass this on to your friends if they find themselves in this situation.

Thank you to that O2 employee who has most definitely saved me so much stress.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Audio is the new Image

Those of you who have used Audioboo will probably agree that it is a useful application which greatly increases the ability to "get your point across" with your Boo being uploaded to the Internet. Your Boo can be updated to Facebook and Twitter also allowing your friends and followers access to your life almost instantly.

Well, there seems to be some competition on the block in the form of ipadio, the distinguishing factors between the two applications is that ipadio allows you to broadcast your "Phlog" as they are calling it directly to the Internet without the need to record and store and publish like Audioboo.
I am not convinced that this new service is in direct competition with Audioboo as they would appeal to different markets, on the one hand the Audioboo massive who love the quality of the recordings and the simple to use Application, and on the other side of the fence the person who wants a quick and useful way to record an event or particular moment in time and publish it immediately.

I have used Audioboo for many months now and I must admit I love the application and the way it has allowed me to get my opinion "out there"! I have a long way to go to utilise the program to its full potential like for example @Documentally does wonderfully, just have a listen to his recent interview with the head of SOCA(Serious Organised Crime Agency).

There is always room for new ideas and technology, and I am sure that ipadio will turn out to be a popular application, just not utilised in the same way as Audioboo.

Original post by Rory Cellan-Jones can be found here

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

O2 Customer service

Those of you who have been following my twitter updates will probably realise that when i returned from France I was landed with a £300 phone bill for roaming charges on my iPhone. This was a great shock to me as I thought I had done my due diligence and purchased a bolt on to avoid such a shock. It turned out that I had been mis-advised by the O2 store employee who either misunderstood my usage or just could not be bothered to advise me correctly.

To cut a very long story short, I ended up heading out to France content in the knowledge that I had "covered my back" from upsetting charges and set about documenting my trip on the many social sites i frequent. On the last day of the trip i received a text from O2 stating that my bill was at present £278! After Ruth(my Wife) had picked me back up from the floor and attended to my head wound, I set about calling O2 to try and get some sense from them.

After numerous calls and visits to the O2 store in question I was informed by the operative that there was nothing they could do about this and as far as they were concerned it was an oversight on my behalf. They informed me I had until September to settle this current bill which with the rental and insurance had increased to £405.

I called customer services today to ask them why I had received a text message informing me that my services would be restricted if I did not pay immediately bearing in mind the last agreement made to pay by September. The lady i spoke with was very accommodating and extremely professional to deal with, she could see by the notes on the account that I had indeed purchased a bolt on to protect from large roaming costs and she proceeded to inform me of a Credit return Form that she was completing on my behalf which should (she hoped) provide me with a credit for the roaming charges I had been billed for. I was astonished at this information as not one other O2 operative had given me any recourse or avenue to appeal the bill in all the previous 5 phone calls disputing this bill!
So, it is with fingers crossed I await the decision that she says should be made by Thursday this week...

I will update you on the outcome.