Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A blog neglected..... An apology

Ok Ok.... It is true i have neglected my blog!

In my defense i have had a lot to be dealing with recently...

Since my holiday to Disney, I have been wrapped up with this operation on my leg. I have seriously underestimated the operation and its recovery time. I had booked a week of work to recover even thought the surgeon warned me that i would need 14-16 weeks to get over the operation!

So what exactly have I had done?
Since my accident when i was 16 years old i have struggled with my disability on a daily basis, one of the main problems for me has been the leg has been twisted out of shape which has been causing me severe spinal trouble and dislocation of the kneecap on a weekly basis.
This latest operation has focused on the straightening of the bone to help in my walking and to relieve some of my other symptoms.
They have broken my leg bone and rotated the bottom half of bone by 15-20 degrees then secured the two pieces with metal rods to await the bonding process to complete. Once this is completed, in theory my leg should be straight when walking and no longer twisted to the left.

At first glance, the operation seems to of been a success, I can certainly notice a difference in the posture of the foot when I stand up on the crutches. I am now keeping my fingers crossed that the recovery is quicker than expected.
I have to be non weight bearing for at least the next 3 weeks, maybe more as the rods inside my leg are very small and require the bone to bond to be able to partly support the metal work. Pain management has been a nightmare, with the first week being some of the worst pain I have ever experienced (and believe me i have had my share) in my life. That said, it is now in control and bearable 60% of the day and night.

Well i best leave it there for now, I am sure that is enough information to take in.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The operation approaches...

I am at home at the minute as my wife(Ruth)has a nasty fever and its looking likely she has Tonsulitus. She is tucked up in bed as I write this with out trusty Spaniel(Casper) by her side.

On Friday this week (19/06/2009)I make the journey to The University Hospital in Coventry for what i believe is my 5th operation to rectify issues surrounding my bad leg which has affected my life since the age of 16(See earlier post).
This operation is slightly different in that the outcome is relatively unknown, the Consultant has said that it "may" give me a better quality of life but on the other hand it may also make no difference at all. The operation itself is to rectify a slight misalignment in the bone of the leg which is causing me to experience severe lower back pain and collapse of the left knee cap several times a month (which i might add is the most excruciating pain) which ends up with me on the floor!
The procedure involves re-breaking my leg and revolving the bone a few degrees before setting it with metal rods for stability, as always, I will be awake during this procedure (at my request), but I am unlikely to be allowed to take in my iPhone to blog the procedure! (shame that).
Recovery time has been given as 16 weeks for this operation, so I have taken a week off work!
I will be out of hospital on the same day as i have the operation (also at my request) so will be able to update and blog the experience on Friday night with any luck..