Friday, 20 March 2009

Rough around the edges...

I feel rough today.....

I have caught this chesty bug that is doing the rounds and I feel like my lungs are half full with water.
Not nice I can tell you.

iPhone Desktop

I am thinking of getting an Iphone,
the reason for this is I am now getting more and more involved with social media and want to start podcasting and using the tools available to me to get my messages across to the public.

I have a friend called @Documentally who inspires me tremendously, I have not determined why or how he does this - He just does. The feeling is more than likely not reciprocated (as i am constantly asking his opinion on things and following him like a lost puppy!)but that does not bother me because he makes me want more from myself and be the best at what I do.
I have been an interested member of the Titter population for a few months now and would love to get more involved with what my followers get up to, for me to do this I have to be credible, for me to be credible I have to learn my way around. It has been a learning curve - when I first joined I mistakenly decided to use the Twitter platform as a sales tool to increase the company's presence, this went down like a lead balloon in the Twitter community.
You see its all about relationships, and those can not be built in days or weeks or even months, they take time to develop. Like a marriage or long term relationship they need TLC and a mutual respect. I do not have an agenda as such, I just want to be credible.

Its a lot like how I now feel about Photography - Yes, I know how to take photo's and am competent in the technical respects within the photography field, I want more than that. I want to strive to be better than "competent" my motto for photography is "More than a picture - A Passion!" I really have a great passion for Photography along with Social media and I hope to be able to put this passion to good use.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Early night - Early Morning!!

I thought i would have an early night tonight as i have had a busy week and was exhausted. So as i finished watching my pre-recorded episode of Ross Kemp: Return to afganistan which while i am on the subject is fantastic television, tonights episode was a chilling insight into the agony of war.

Anyway, where was i.....

Oh yes, so as i started to drift off into the land where I am a freelance photographer working on behalf of all the major press a little voice brought me back to reality.....
"Daddy, can i have my telly on please?" to cut a long story short, our little boy had been having hi TV on at night time to ease him off to sleep, recently it has been reported that this actually has the opposite effect and can harm a childs sleep pattern for life! So, with this in mind we have been easing him off the TV in the evening to help get him back into a nice pattern again.

So by the time I had explained the rules on the TV to him he was wide awake!, he had been asleep since around 6-30 that evening so to be honest it was expected.

He and I decided that the best course of action with a situation like this is a duvet on the sofa with a box of Malters!! (probably not the best scenario i know but hey, sometimes you have to crack out the Malters!)

Well i best think about trying to get some sleep soon as I still have work in the morning, well at least for half the day as it is my Mum's 70th birthday (NOW) so i have taken the afternoon off to go see her... I wont say what we have planned as she may have got technicaly competent overnight and purchased a laptop with a broadband dongle and started monitoring my blog posts!
Goodnight... (Good morning,..,.,.,.,.!! )

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Father & Son

Father & Son, originally uploaded by Photoppurtunity.

This is one from a set I have done recently for my Neice and her family.
I still have not managed to get all of the images edited for her(sorry kelly) as my life revolves around work at the minute and therefore that is what pays my bills!...

I have been trying to spend more time on my Photography lately, with some success I may add. It is difficult to find the time to do anything when you have a full time job and a family, as they are the things that must come first..

I hope to get some more images uploaded quite soon but in the meantime let me now what you think...