Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Social Networking

I am the first to admit that I entered social networking with a sales mindset, and this was a mistake.
Social networking is not about closing deals, it is all about building relationships.

Visibility - Credibility - Profitability.

I am learning that the above three words are in fact what Social Networking is all about..

In simple terms, this means that people need to first know who you are. So being open with them is absolute!
Then these people need to trust you.Talking with them on a regular basis without mentioning sales builds your relationship and strengthens the trust.
When they both know and trust you they will comfortably buy from you.
If you go from visibility to profitability without first earning credibility you will soon realise that you have failed at social networking.

In these times of bad news for so many of us it is essential to keep relationships alive, I was always so uncomfortable with the "Salesman" tag that I was "blessed" with, but now there is no agenda to my meetings within the social network - it is just a relationship.....

Have a good day

Monday, 24 November 2008

How the VAT cut affects you

As expected, the Chancellor cut the vat rate from 17.5% to 15% today in his pre-budget report.
Since this news we have had many calls asking how this will affect systems and ecommerce sites that have the rate set at 17.5%. The answer is simple, these systems and sites will need to be changed to reflect the new rates, and these changes need to be in place from Monday next week(01/12/2008).
We are in a good position to service these requirements for our clients and if you need and further information please call OpusVL on 0845 004 9179.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Its that time again...

Its nearly upon us all again...
The time when that rather large man dressed in red and white clones himself and appears in every garden centre and shopping centre in the World!
Its always amazed me how he does it, I mean the logistics of this task he completes every year is mind blowing, and yet every year he succeeds.... Amazing bloke..

How do you feel our children are growing up?

My son(who is 4) has way too many toys and gifts bought for him on xmas and birthdays but every year i say and do nothing about it. Does he expect it every year?
If me and the wife were to cut back and demand that family and friends limit their gifts would he feel somehow left out.. un-loved?
He took 10 years to get here, he is our little miracle and yet i vowed NEVER to be the kind of parent I always judged, the one who lavishes gifts and spoils their kids....

What else is there?

Am I spoiling my child and if I am, what harm can it do?

Whats your opinion......


Multimedia message

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Something to write home about...

I have been told about a mobile App that the MD is working on that has the ability to phone a contact then make another contacts phone ring and when that phone is picked up the two calls are joined. This can be done on 2 mobiles or a conference of many..

It is based upon the Help assistant module that he has created(see yesterday's blog) but tweaked for the mobile market...
Keep your eyes here for more...

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Online Help Assistant

My Comany OpusVL launched an on-line Help Assistant for one of our clients two days ago. They have so far had a great response to the roll out with an average of one call a day.

What is the On-line Help Assistant?

OpusVL have developed this technology to cut down the amount of "no-sales" and leavers from our clients websites. It is a piece of code which generates a box asking if you have any problems using the site or require assistance with any other aspects, the user would type into the box any problems they may have and put in their telephone number. Once the send is pressed it immediately notifies the operator by ringing her phone and connecting the operator with the client directly and instantly.This has proved to help stop that customer leaving the site without a sale as the operator can get the feedback from the customer and turn a negative outcome into a positive.
We are very pleased with the outcome of this development and I will be giving you all more information on this products uses soon.

Check back soon.........

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Mobile phone Apps

Good Morning..

I had an MIP (Meet In Passing) with the MD this morning and we touched on the possibility of developing some Mobile Apps for G1. He was very interested in this route and explained to me that he has been "playing" with a G1 for about a week now and will be writing a blog on his findings soon. One of the first ideas for an App was from @Documentally who wanted "A gps App to ping in the background making a line to appear on a google map as he travels the globe". This is a great example of a really useful App that would help people go about their daily business.
I have asked the MD to discuss time-scales with me soon with regards development of mobile Apps and I will keep you posted.

What else is going on?

Work is very busy indeed, our development team are working hard on all manner of projects for different clients. My sales pipeline is looking good and everything is moving forward as it should be. I was concerned when the markets started to wither a little that maybe things would start to change for us, I was not prepared for things to go the other way... This is due to company's looking to save money or lower overheads, they come to OpusVL to help them achieve that goal. This could be by the use of Open Source technology or correct business processes.

So what mobile Apps would you like to see developed?

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The start....

I recently had a visit from an old friend from years back who is into his social media stuff like no other. I was amazed at how much he got me buzzing, the things he spoke about and the aura he gave off was amazing. I left work that day feeling great and ready to take on the world!

His name is Christian Payne and his blog can be found Here

This guy amazes me, he travels all over the place and has recently been in front of the Prime minister!
He enjoys his life and loves what he does, and this is my point....

Is it not the right thing to strive to enjoy your time on this earth without worrying about financial/other constraints?

I will leave it there for now...